Dishwasher with Panel with Alternate Handle DW-RM-H-24

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Red Matte

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Choosing a ZLINE Professional Dishwasher means you’ve chosen a product that is high performance, energy conscious, and customizable. Our EcoWash technology conveniently determines the most environmentally conscious cycle based on load size and soil level to reduce water consumption. In addition to being Energy Star compliant, we have added EnergySave functionality with all normal and heavy cycles which helps reduce energy consumption by over 30% with each load. The ZLINE DW-RM-H-24 can comfortably fit 20 place settings including: large and small plates, salad bowls, serving bowls, cups, forks, knives, spoons and more. Custom ZLINE Multiple Filter System technology hosts three mesh filters to separate soiled water and clean water in different chambers, optimizing performance and using less water and energy. With echo-resistant 430 grade stainless steel and an intuitive design, enjoy a peaceful kitchen at only 40 decibels of sound; quieter than the majority of our competitors. The ZLINE DW-RM-H-24 includes a Red Matte panel and ships next day when in stock.

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Weight102 lbs
Dimensions24 × 32.5 in